Bitcoin miner Gryphon releases operational update ahead of going public

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Bitcoin miner Gryphon mined 71 bitcoin-equivalent coins in December, it said in an operational update after announcing plans to go public last week.

The miner had an average hashrate of 0.625 EH/s, a 13% month-over-month decrease, in part due to the winter storm that led to seven days of full or partial curtailment.

«Despite this, Gryphon’s bitcoin efficiency for December increased by 7% from November and remained tied as the top performing operation for the month,» it said in a statement.

The company has a 22.5% net operating profit interest royalty with a third party, whose reported hashing power is around 0.37 EH/s, it said.

Gryphon will go public via a deal to buy Akerna Corp. in an all-stock transaction.


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