EOS Uses This Tactic And Reports Significant TVL Growth

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The DeFi ecosystem on the EOS network has been growing and expanding, according to one of the most recent upgrades. What’s intriguing is that EOS is able to grow as a result of a plan called the Yield+ project.

Further investigation revealed that it involves rewarding top dApps that increase the network’s TVL.

The #DeFi ecosystem on #EOS is expanding rapidly 🚀

This is largely thanks to the efforts of the Yield+ initiative, which aims to incentivize $EOS #dApps that increase TVL & generate yield 🤑

Learn more in the latest report👇

— EOS Network Foundation (@EOSnFoundation) January 27, 2023

The update suggests that the network is achieving healthy organic growth. An evaluation of EOS’ TVL on DeFiLlama confirms that it has indeed been on a positive trajectory from its bottom range in November.

Despite this, the TVL still has a long way to go before recovering to last year’s highs.

Source: DeFiLlama

However, the TVL spike is good news for EOS investors since it demonstrates a change for the better in the network. It indicates that liquidity has been entering the ecosystem, and it may be a reflection of the change in market sentiment from bearish to positive.

When the TVL and market cap are compared, it becomes clear that the TVL changed direction weeks before the positive recovery began. Given this, it must be asked if the TVL change served as a reliable early warning indication.

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