Ethereum Developers Forge Ahead With Network Enhancements For Devnet-9 In Latest Meeting

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Ethereum Developers Forge Ahead With Network Enhancements For Devnet-9 In Latest Meeting

According to Beiko, the Devnet-8 is near completion, with various clients actively updating it. Notably, Nethermind and Geth are making strides with their blob transaction pools, while Besu undergoes a significant transaction pool overhaul. Erigon is working on its pool, targeting readiness for Devnet-9, and Prysm is investigating delays in blob sidecar reception. The decision was made not to support blob transactions in the mempool.

A proposal named EIP-7514 (add maximum Epoch loss limit) was discussed, aiming to add a constant cap to the validator activation queue, slowing down the growth of the ETH stake percentage. Ethereum Foundation researcher Dankrad expressed support, and it will be part of the Dencun upgrade, with the limit set to 8.

Developers discussed adding an opcode to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) to expose the blob’s base fee, making it easier for Layer 2 solutions to determine gas prices. This change aligns with the BASEFEE opcode for EIP-1559 consistency.

Moreover, updates to the EIP-4788 proposal were reviewed, optimizing gas usage, buffer size, and handling invalid timestamps for beacon roots stored in EL contracts. Auditors will assess these changes, with results expected before the next ACDE meeting.

Developers also addressed the scenario where the system contract address is part of the state but empty at execution’s end, an edge case encountered during testing. This issue requires further discussion due to its unique nature.

All these developments are slated to be part of the forthcoming Devnet-9 upgrade. The Ethereum core development teams aim to implement and test these changes by the next ACDC call, during which a release date for Devnet-9 will be determined.

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