LlamaSwap DEX Aggregator by DefiLlama Becomes Top 0x Integrated App

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DefiLlama DEX Aggregator (Aggregator)

LlamaSwap, a new meta Decentralized Exchange (DEX) aggregator from DefiLlama, has quickly taken the top position among 0x Integrated Apps, surpassing swaps from big names like Matcha, Coinbase, and MetaMask.

TOP 1 in 24h volume in 0x!

We even surpassed matcha by volume, wow pic.twitter.com/XF2P5d02EJ

— 0xngmi (aggregatoor arc) (@0xngmi) January 4, 2023

Still in beta development, LlamaSwap compares results from DEX aggregators such as OpenOcean, 1inch, Matcha, KyberSwap, CowSwap, and YieldYak to give users the best options for maximizing their swaps and reducing gas fees.

It’s a Dex Aggregator Aggregator.

It looks for the best route among a variety of Dex Aggregators, therefore being somewhat of a novel product — that also doesn’t charge a fee and accounts for gas.

— Stephen TCG | DeFi Dojo (@phtevenstrong) January 5, 2023

LlamaSwap also has privacy-centered features and, importantly for your ordinary degen, doesn’t charge any user fees.

We’re launching our meta DEX aggregator!

— Get the best price from 8 different aggregators, including 1inch, matcha, paraswap, cowswap…
— Quotes and gas costs are independently verified by us
— Private mode to avoid leaking your IP
— Approval control
— Available in 22 chains pic.twitter.com/3QpB0RbEwn

— DefiLlama.com (@DefiLlama) January 2, 2023

As of writing, LlamaSwap had attracted $9.9 million in volume in the past 24 hours. You can try it out on the DefiLlama website.


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