OKX Unleashes Bold Compensation Plan Amidst Unprecedented Contract Price Turmoil!

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OKX Unleashes Bold Compensation Plan Amidst Unprecedented Contract Price Turmoil!

During this brief window, several contract targets on the platform experienced unexpected price anomalies. After a thorough investigation, it was determined that the issue stemmed from an anomaly within the platform’s price limit service. This disruption resulted in certain contracts being unable to execute orders as usual, leading to price disparities and, consequently, causing some users to experience liquidation or trigger stop-loss orders.

尊敬的 #OKX 用户2023 年 9 月 13 日 下午 3:38 ~ 3:43 (UTC+8) 期间平台部分合约标的出现价格异常。经核查,该问题系平台限价服务异常导致部分合约无法正常发布委托,致使价格出现偏差导致部分用户触发爆仓或止损。OKX将对因为该问题触发爆仓或止损的用户进行该部分的损失补偿,具体补偿信息如下⬇️… pic.twitter.com/pLt3kSan8y

— OKX中文 (@okxchinese) September 14, 2023

To address the inconvenience caused to its users, OKX has taken responsibility and pledged to provide compensation to those affected by this incident. The compensation details are outlined as follows:

  1. Subjects of Compensation:
    • Users who initiated positions prior to 3:38:07 pm (UTC+8) on September 13.
    • Users whose accounts were compelled to close positions and trigger stop-loss orders between 3:38:07 pm and 3:43:59 pm (UTC+8) on the same day.
    • The affected trade types encompass perpetual contracts, delivery contracts, and leveraged trades.
  2. Compensation Amount:
    • For users who faced liquidation, compensation will cover the loss incurred between the mark price at 3:38:06 pm and the forced liquidation price during the extraordinary service period.
    • Users who experienced stop-loss orders will receive compensation for the loss sustained between the mark price at 3:38:06 pm and the stop-loss transaction price during the system abnormality.
    • Notably, the compensation will also encompass any processing fees borne by the user during this transaction.
  3. Form of Compensation:
    • OKX is committed to disbursing compensation directly into users’ capital accounts in USDT. This distribution is expected to be completed by September 20, ensuring that affected users are promptly reimbursed for their losses.

OKX has demonstrated its dedication to its user base by swiftly addressing this issue and providing a transparent and equitable compensation plan. Users affected by the anomaly can look forward to the timely restitution of their losses, fostering confidence in the platform’s commitment to maintaining a fair and reliable trading environment.

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