Rahul Gandhi Plans To Unlock India’s Potential Via Crypto, Web3

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Indian political party, Congress’ leader, Rahul Gandhi, tweeted his interview with the former Reserve Bank of India governor, Raghuram Rajan, discussing future plans to unlock India’s complete potential by exploring cryptocurrency, stocks, and next-generation revolutions.

He shares that he wishes for India to become a true global superpower. Gandhi starts off the interview by asking Rajan about his views on the rising inflation happening globally, to which the ex-RBI governor replies that he anticipates 2023 will bring more challenges than the ongoing year due to slow-down growth.

While Rajan admits that India has not generated growth-building reforms, part of the reason behind the rising inflation and negative growth is the coronavirus pandemic. Gandhi and Rajan also address the staggering inequality between classes in the country, which has further suffered due to the lockdown.

While the upper class and upper middle class had the opportunity to work from home, the lower middle class lost employment. Meanwhile, the majority of the youth population is seeking careers in the government sector due to the variety of facilities, guaranteed pensions, and job security.

Alongside exploring industries including agriculture, export, and import, Rajan and Gandhi both agree that it is beneficial for the country to encourage private industries to create a higher number of jobs.

Speaking about the crypto industry, Rajan highlights the lack of financial sophistication in economically challenged parts of society that invest in crypto at all-time highs but suffer losses moving forward.

They further add that poor investments are due to the absence of resources or information regarding the stock market and the cryptocurrency industry and its current circumstances, emphasizing the country’s need to focus on education.


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