26th Largest #SHIBa Inu Holder Adds 150 Billion Shib

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The 26th Biggest Shiba Inu Whale added $1.82 Million worth of SHIB in the past 24 hours. data reports that the 26th largest holder of Shiba Inu has made four significant transactions in the past 24 hours. These transactions made her total holding increase by 150,279,275,101 (150.27B) SHIB, currently valued at $1,825,892 ($1.82M).

Breakdown of Transactions

The Whale’s first transaction involved exchanging $63,993 for 5,266,914,551 (5.26B) SHIB tokens. In the second transaction, the Whale added an even larger amount of 32,529,851,157 (32.52B) SHIB tokens, which are worth $395,237, to her portfolio. In the third transaction, the Whale spent an additional $836,271 to acquire 68,828,907,498 (68.82B) SHIB. Then in the fourth transaction, the Whale purchased 43,653,601,895 (43.65B) SHIB for $530,391.

Overall, the 26th biggest Shiba Inu whale purchased a staggering 150,279,275,101 (150.27B) SHIB, worth $1,825,892 ($1.82M) through four separate transactions in the past 24 hours.

Biggest Shiba Inu Holder Scooped Up 1.82 Million USD Worth of SHIB

At the time of writing, the Whale holds a gargantuan 4,463,118,380,336 (4.46T) SHIB, worth $54,226,888 ($54.22M) in her wallet.

Shiba Inu, the second biggest canine-themed cryptocurrency on the basis of market cap, has seen significant growth in the past week. Data from CoinGecko reveals that the SHIB price has risen by 26.4% in the past week and 0.06% in the past 24 hours. This surge in price could be due to anticipation for the launch of an Ethereum-based blockchain called “Shibarium” whose “launch coming soon” was announced on January 15th by the developers. However, the Shiba Inu team yet remained tight-lipped about the exact date of the launch.

Formerly, the lead SHIB developer, Shytoshi Kusama stated that the Shiba Inu team along with Unification XFUND is quickly approaching the launch and it is expected “very soon”.


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