ADA Positions First in Top Trending Crypto List: StockTwits

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According to the report of the crypto analytics platform StockTwits, the leading cryptocurrency Cardano (ADA) is positioned as the most trending cryptocurrency on the platform.

StockTwits, on its Twitter account, shared the updates of the list, commenting: “Cardano is also trending #1 on Stocktwits!”

Cardano is also trending #1 on Stocktwits!

— Stocktwits NFTs (@StocktwitsNFTs) January 21, 2023

In the trending crypto coin lists, ADA secured the top position with a recent price of $0.3774 and a change of $0.0382. It is noteworthy that Cardano price had a substantial hike of 11.26%.

ADA Price Over the Last 24 Hours

The platform has released a detailed sketch of the price variation within the last 24 hours, showing how the price had a sudden jump from $0.3702 at 10.30 am (UTC) to the current $0.3774.

As per the previous day’s reports, the ADA price action has broken through the $0.3800 level as the bullish trend continued.

Notably, it is evident from the price analysis of ADA that the coin shows a positive inclination over the last 48 hours.

ADA Price Over the Last Seven Days

Interestingly, next to ADA, BTC is placed with its price of $23,195, with a change of $1,810.42, which shows an increase of 8.47%.

Significantly, the cryptocurrencies at the bottom of the top 10 trending currencies are XRP and KRL, placed at the ninth and tenth positions respectively, indicating their least priority in the list.

The recent price of XRP as per StockTwits’ reports is $0.4101 whereas the price of KRL is $0.2976. While XRP’s price had grown by 4.67%, KRL’s price surged by 4.02%.

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