Amidst Crypto Scams KuCoin Publishes Anti-Fraud Verification Guide

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Amidst rising crypto hacks and scandals, crypto exchange KuCoin published an anti-fraud verification guide on how to properly apply for listing on the platform. The article leads users through the listing application process and highlights the important steps to avoid potential scams.

Exciting news! We have launched comprehensive anti-fraud measures including anti-phishing and business wallet address verification product suite. We hope this builds trust and confidence in #KuCoin!

— KUCOIN (@kucoincom) January 30, 2023

In the guide, the first step is getting tokens listed on the crypto exchange. The guide says that it only takes a few clicks to begin the application process by going to the KuCoin homepage, scrolling down to the footer, and selecting the “Token Listing” button.

By doing so, the token listing application form will be displayed, providing a general overview of the listing procedure. The user will then be required to enter the user’s project details and supporting paperwork and sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) to protect the privacy of the user’s proposal.

After that, with the aid of the exchange’s internal auditing team, the project will be validated and assessed. Once the initial evaluation has been approved, one of KuCoin’s professional listing managers will get in touch with the user and provide them with more instructions.

KuCoin emphasizes how crucial it is for the platform to protect the users’ money, especially if they run a crypto business. Due to the prevalence of scams in our field, we have developed a thorough anti-fraud system to protect users from them.

Moreover, KuCoin’s anti-fraud verification procedure is divided into three sections:

  1. Anti-Phishing Verification
  2. Official Contact Verification
  3. Business Wallet Address Verification

When it comes to anti-phishing verification, the final question on the first page of the KuCoin listing application will ask the user to produce an anti-phishing verification code. When contacting users, members of the KuCoin staff will utilize this 8-digit code as a means of verification.

Moreover, emails sent to users from any member of the KuCoin staff will be from one of the three domains—@KuCoin.com, @corp.KuCoin.com, and @flsdex.com.

KuCoin has also introduced a new function called business wallet address verification to further safeguard our project partners.


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