ConsenSys’ MetaMask Learn Initiative Seeks to Revolutionize Web3 Learning

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On Tuesday, January 31st, market-leading blockchain tech company ConsenSys announced the launch of its newest initiative MetaMask Learn. Interestingly, this is a free-to-use resource available across 10 different languages for anyone interested in learning about Web3.

MestaMask Learn hosts an interactive UI environment helping new users onboard swiftly to self-custody. Besides, it also guides users through some of the most common topics to help them get started in Web3.

Major shocks in the crypto space last year have shattered investors’ trust in self-custodial platforms. On the other hand, average retail investors lack the knowledge and understanding of alternative custodial solutions. Many investors are also unaware of existing self-custodial solutions.

MetaMask seeks to take this opportunity by supporting Web3 enthusiasts and helping them learn about self-custody in a simulated environment. This will help consumers to participate confidently in the Web3 ecosystem in a safe and self-managed way.

Being the world’s leading self-custodial crypto wallet, MetaMask seeks to recognize the steep learning curve for learning Web3 technologies. With MestaMask Learn, it seeks to ensure that the barriers have been deconstructed in a simple manner.

The MetaMask Learn Initiative

As part of the MetaMask Learn initiative, the custodial-wallet provider will provide the foundational material for the adoption of Web3. MestaMask said that its vision is to democratize access to decentralized technology.

MetaMask Learn is a practical tool that will allow other companies to play a leading role to keep the next generation of Web3 participants well-informed. It will also allow companies to help consumers navigate through the Web3 space. Dan Finlay, the co-founder of MetaMask, said:

“Events in 2022 rightfully undermined confidence in custodial finance, and more crypto investors are looking to use self-custodial products. While we strive to make the product speak for itself, users were often disoriented when searching the web to understand topics more deeply. MetaMask Learn gives users a beautiful and information-rich foundation for taking their next steps into the web3 ecosystem by combining visual learning with action-oriented testing.”


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