Crypto Markets Analysis: Bitcoin Finishes Roller Coaster Week Near Where It Started

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Anyone who ignored bitcoin over the last seven days would think that not much occurred, if looking at total price movement. Those paying attention might still be dizzy from the roller coaster ride.

Optimism early in the week reversed, with bitcoin prices settling in just below $17,000. On a relative basis, BTC’s seven day performance vs the U.S. dollar was third among the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market capitalization.

Ether finished in the middle of the pack, declining 5% over the last seven days. TONCOIN led the way, increasing 30%

Coindesk Market Index Sector Performance

Month-to-date performance among CMI sectors shows that the CoinDesk Currency Index (CCY) has led the way – although in this case “leading the way” really just amounts to decreasing by the least. The CoinDesk Computing Index (CPU) declined the most, down close to 14% month to date.


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