CZ Says Listing Of Twitter Coin on Binance Not ‘Automatically Guaranteed’

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The Binance Chief said this in response to questions on whether Binance will list “Twitter Coin” if Elon Musk launches it.

Changpeng “CZ” Zhao, the Chinese-Canadian business executive and CEO of Binance, recently revealed that token listings on his exchange Binance are not automatically guaranteed. CZ said this in response to a recent question on whether Binance will list Twitter Coin if Elon Musk launches it.

“It will still depend on the details, the coin design, utility, etc. Never automatically guaranteed,” CZ said in a tweet today, replying to a question posed by blockchain enthusiast and crypto influencer Cryptic Poet. The prominent influencer had asked CZ if he will be listing the Twitter Coin on Binance if it is launched by Musk.

It will still depends on the details, the coin design, utility, etc. Never automatically guaranteed.

— CZ 🔶 Binance (@cz_binance) January 30, 2023

This comes shortly after reports suggested that Twitter is finally working on a payments system. CZ’s response implies that not even he can influence Binance’s decision to list an asset on its platform despite being the CEO. Notably, the decision is largely dependent on several factors surrounding the asset itself, including its utility, design, and suchlike.

CZ’s Professional Relationship with Musk

The question was directed to CZ as a result of his professional relationship with billionaire Elon Musk who is also popular amongst crypto proponents. Following Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, CZ confirmed, last November, that Binance invested $500 million in the acquisition deal.

Taking to Twitter on November 4, Zhao outlined the reasons why his exchange invested in the buyout deal. According to him, Binance supports free speech and he believes free speech will be allowed to thrive on Twitter as Musk takes over. He also revealed that the Binance team believes it is a potentially favorable investment in the long term.

Moreover, CZ disclosed that Binance is looking to invest in a business that could bolster Web3 adoption on the global scene. The crypto community is anticipating a crypto integration for Twitter with Musk at the helm of affairs due to his advocacy for digital assets, especially Dogecoin. The Twitter Chief has also teased this crypto integration in the past.

Twitter to Integrate Payments

It bears mentioning that recent reports revealed that Twitter had started working on payment integrations for the first time since Musk’s acquisition. The disclosed plans signal an accommodation of cryptocurrency payments. XRP pro attorney Deaton asserted that Musk could run into trouble with the U.S. SEC if he only integrates Dogecoin payments.


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