Google Year in Search 2022: What is NFT, Metaverse; Check Top 10 Most Searched ‘What is’ Topics In India

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Google Year in Search 2022: Google has released its annual “Year in Search” report, which lists the top 2022 searches worldwide. The report highlights topics that sparked interest and were frequently searched on google this year.

Google shares search data at the end of the year so that we can get a sense of what the rest of the online world is thinking. The list, which is published annually for different countries, reveals a significant shift in search trends in India.

What Was Trending in 2022? (Crypto Related Search Trends)

In 2022, crypto related search terms like ‘What is NFT‘ and ‘What is Metaverse‘ made into top 10 list of most searched ‘What is’ questions.

According to the data, the search volume for ‘What is NFT’ peaked at the beginning of the year and has since waned gradually. Nigeria, Singapore, Lebanon, United States, and Ethiopia were the top 5 countries searching for this term. It hints that developing countries, especially from from African continent, are increasingly taking an interest in Web3.

Metaverse was also a buzz word this year, as a large number of people searched for ‘What is Metaverse’, making it a top 10 most searched ‘what is’ questions.

According to the data shared by Google, the search volume for ‘what is Metaverse’ peaked early this year (in January – February). After that it has gradually decreased. Related topics like mixed reality also saw huge search traffic.

The top countries searching for this term were the United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Lebanon.

After analysing the data, you will notice that interest about Web3 technologies such as NFT, Metaverse, cryptocurrencies is still very low in many countries of central Asia and Africa.

According to the report, these were the top 10 most asked ‘What is’ questions in India.

1) What is Agneepath Scheme
2) What is NATO
3) What is NFT
4) What is PFI
5) What is the square root of 4
6) What is surrogacy
7) What is solar eclipse
8) What is Article 370
9) What is metaverse
10) What is myositis

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