Uniswap V4 Will Be Launched After The Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

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Uniswap V4 Will Be Launched After The Ethereum Dencun Upgrade

The Ethereum Cancun upgrade is currently undergoing testing on the testnet. Uniswap v4 brings a host of improvements to the popular decentralized exchange protocol.

Notable enhancements include the introduction of Hooks functions, a Singleton contract, native ETH support, ERC-1155 account compatibility, governance features, and a donate() function. These additions aim to enhance the flexibility and composability of the Uniswap platform.

One of the key innovations in Uniswap v4 is the Singleton contract, which consolidates all pools into a single contract. This consolidation reduces gas costs significantly, with early estimates suggesting a 99% reduction in pool creation expenses.

Additionally, Hooks functions open up new possibilities for customizing routing options across pools efficiently.

Uniswap v4 also incorporates a “flash accounting” system that optimizes asset transfers during swaps, further reducing gas consumption. This system operates on net balances, providing additional gas savings compared to previous versions.

The upgrade includes support for native ETH, offering users even more gas efficiency. Uniswap Labs emphasizes transparency and community governance, allowing the community to govern v4, similar to previous versions.

The code for Uniswap v4 will be released under a Business Source License 1.1, with restrictions on commercial use for up to four years before transitioning to a GPL license. Moreover, the fee mechanism in v4 will enable governance to vote on adding Protocol fees to pools, up to predefined limits.

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