Updates on Tick Size for Spot Trading Pairs (2022-11-13)

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Fellow Binancians, In order to increase market liquidity and improve trading experience, Binance will complete adjustments for the tick size (i.e. the minimum change in the unit price) of certain spot trading pairs at 2022-11-13 17:45 (UTC). For details about tick sizes of all spot trading pairs on Binance, please refer to the Trading Rules.

  • The adjustment will not affect spot trading and other relevant functions.
  • Tick size via API will also change. API users may use GET /api/v3/exchangeInfo for the latest tick size. For further details and updates, please refer to our API Changelog.
  • The tick size update will not affect existing spot orders. After the tick size is updated, orders placed before the update will still be matched with the original tick size.

Please adjust your trading strategies accordingly to avoid unnecessary impact on your trading. We apologize for any inconvenience. Details of the adjustment are shown in the table below:

Trading Pair Tick Size (Before) Updated Tick Size
PERPBUSD 0.001 0.00001
PERPUSDT 0.001 0.00001
SRMBNB 0.00001 0.0000001
SRMBTC 0.0000001 0.00000001
SRMBUSD 0.001 0.00001
SRMUSDT 0.001 0.00001
RENUSDT 0.0001 0.000001
RENBUSD 0.0001 0.000001


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